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Syria: A gas pipeline meant to free Europe from energy dependence on Russia

‘Russia Gas’ versus ‘Qatari Gas’

Increasingly today, natural gas has become one of the most important commodities in determining regional power. The European Union currently imports 50% of its energy and with an increased dependence on natural gas, the EU has fallen victim during various periods with the suspension of the natural gas supplies from Russia. A major gas pipeline project has since been planned to counter this trend, and the pipeline will originate in Qatar via Saudi Arabia and Syria.

This little known fact is one major reason why Russia is taking the current situation in Syria very seriously – because the outcome will affect its own geopolitical standing within greater Europe.

Qatar is a country with rich natural gas reserves that can ensure source diversity in natural gas supply for the EU – the later has been seeking to reduce its dependence on Russia. Streamlining Syria and Turkey as the final mile to Europe is of paramount interest to the US and its NATO allies. It is a major piece of a larger puzzle of economic and political consolidation.

Also of great interest to the international banks, corporations and the IMF, will be all of Syria’s state-owned assets and resources.

It’s state-owned bank will also disappear within weeks, and replaced by a new privately owned central bank as in Libya..

Before the west’s infiltration of Syria in 2011, the country was in the black and enjoying steady economic growth that beat China in terms of percentage – all during a period of recession in the west. With sanctions and destabilization, that has changed, and with further asset-stripping, just like Libya, Syria will remain deep in the red for the foreseeable future.

Bye Bye Syria: Globalist Destruction of a Nation State NEW SYRIA

The future oil and gas road to southern Europe goes through Syria, and is meant to free Europe from dependence on Russia.

Russia recognizes the long-term danger and has worked hard to keep Syria independent of foreign control.

Two fleets of Russian warships comprising 12 warships filled with marine special forces have just sailed; one from the Black Sea and one from the Baltic Sea.

A Western coup de grace against Syria is expected soon, which will no doubt include some Russia / US sabre rattling.  There is nothing to be concerned about, ouitside the region; this will be worked out although the war against Syria will likely spread to include Iran and Hezbollah, resetting the regional realities for a genuine dialogue for regional peace.

The continuing low level violence between Israel and Gaza is also likely to erupt into an Israeli invasion to totally destroy the Gaza militants soon; this invasion is a plank of the present Israeli coalition.



Updated: July 11, 2012 — 00:13
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